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Frankly, I expected more out of Senator Reid regarding Yucca. The realities of being in the majority are that neither he, nor anyone else can just starve or kill Yucca Mountain. There will almost certainly be some level of repository there; this is fact.

Reid and every other elected official in Nevada have played fast and loose with this issue and have never bothered to tell any of us exactly how we get out of Yucca and who is going to pay for that?

Already the most expensive Public Work project in US history, the utilities who will benefit will certainly sue for completion as will the states who signed onto the project and the individual ratepayers who have been paying into the fund for decades.

Nevada will be in court for decades and the legal costs could actually bankrupt us, and severally lower or bond and credit ratings.

Then there's Yucca's enormous NV payroll that no one has ever bothered to mention. This project has pumped billions into our local economy and affected the local political landscape in recent cycles. One would think that Dems would have won every conceivable office based on our stance, but alas, we have not.

And where is Gaming? Surely their customer base doesn't want to frolic 90 miles away from a nuclear mountain. Surely someone is going to start running national ads with mushroom clouds and other hyperbole to scare our visitors away.

There are no easy answers or solutions here, but you'd never know that listening to Harry Reid and other in NV.

He has exploited and grand-standed this issue for years and now that he's in a position to actually do something about it, those pesky realities are finally starting to sink in for him.

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