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curious....Uithoven and Beers are part of the Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board(part of Public Company Management Corporation, a publically held corporation that indicates on their 2007 SEC 10sb form as giving Bob Beers stock "bonuses" during this past Legislative session), that Governor Gibbons "honored" on July 2, 2007. A visit to the Nevada Secretary of State website shows that NEADB existed from 2/2/07 to 5/3/07. How the hell is an expired entity getting "honored"? At least j3strategies is registered....


let's continue on this NEDAB item.

The Governor signs the proclamation on June 29,2007 almost two months after the group's Secretary of State "registration" expired.

So a group that doesn't seem to be legally functioning in the State is "honored" by our State, i.e. the proclamation reads;
"WHEREAS, NEDAB is a shining example of private sector ingenuity applied to the challenge of
Nevada economic development." Ingenious? Yes! Integrity? NO!

continuing from the Proclamation;
"NEDAB holds a vision of making Nevada a premier home to America's corporations, 'the
Delaware of the West', and an economic spawning ground for growing companies, 'the Wall Street of the West."'

The parent company of NEDAB is Public Company Management Corporation. Between the two, they promote incorporation in Nevada. Nevada has recently been in the news for being a haven for hiding corporate ownership and not in a good way according to the SEC. Matter of fact, there was legislation this session in Carson City to have more transparency in corporate filings reported and publically available.

The "Reservation Holder" of NEDAB is Tracey Padilla (even though Nevada law requires a "resident agent", but this is another story), is the director of Stem Cell Therapy (didn't Beers push for stem cell funding?), and President of Budget Corp (budgetcorp.com), which assists in creating corporate shells in Nevada. Creating corporate shells and helping them with their SEC filings and Sarbanes Oakley filings is the stated business plan (per SEC filing) of Public Company Management Corporation.

The transfer agent for Stem Cell Therapy International, Inc (SCTI), is Standard Transfer & Trust Company, Inc., Las Vegas, NV 98146. The Secretary of State website indicactes Standard's registration EXPIRED 5/1/2007.

scticorp.com website lists Westminster Securities of NY as their financial advisor. Westminster Securites (WS) was exposed by the Kate Marshall campaign aginst Mark DeStefano when it was uncovered that WS principals (like John P.O'Shea), had been in business with DeStefano. WS has been fined numerous times over the past decade by the SEC and NASD and had their license revoked in several states.

HEY! Anybody want to see if there are Beers and Uithoven fingerprints on the bill (it was extensively watered down)?

BTW, According to Nevada Secretary of State website, a B. Beers is Manager of Oxford Adams Capital, which defaulted 9/1/2006. Geoffrey A. Gish is another manager of this LLC.

According to the SEC website Geoffrey A. Gish litigation # 19759, July 13, 2006, of OXFORD ADAMS; Weston Rutledge/Zamindari/Lexington companies, was accused of "fraudulently [selling] at least $8.8m of securities to over 100 investors...he consented to the entry of order [cease and desisit] without admitting or denyinig allegations."

There are numerous outsatnding court cases (see Eastern Kentucky Dist Court case, SEC v Oxford Adams).

Is this B.Beers one of our B.Beers?

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