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Crap! How much state staff time at each agency/department/division has been wasted revising their budgets everytime the Guv and Clinger get a hair up their patoots?

What a waste.


I should add that the Guv and Clinger are turning into real big government bureaucrats who waste time and money.

Cherry Brock

I am going to try very hard not to become a raving conservative in hopes that you will not stop reading this past the first sentence.

When I use the word conservative I mean a strong belief in the free enterprise system of economics and not a rabid racist, religious or sexist views.

I have watched several Nevada Week in REview programs on pbs in which you and several of your fellow news journalists have taken part. Sadly I see very little appreciation of the side of the arguament which espouses the vigor and freedom which are the gifts of a free enterprise system. IN a recent program everyone on the panel bashed gov. givens new budget proposals. Fine, I have some questions about it. However I did not see one idea put forth by the panelists or one reference to any other politician who had proposed a different solution to this state's current problems. Easy to criticize but rather uncomfortable to offer any new answers other than the old liberal sotto voce cry of "RAISE TAXES"

With all due respect, how can you explain to me the conundrum of our national government agreeing to lower taxes as one form of stimulus with that answer? Ahhhh, I get it, Nevada only raises taxes because we need to but all those other states in the union raise taxes because they have greedy politicians and bureaucrats. Send me back to a logics class, I still don't quite get it.

I'll stop now before I get totally carried away but I'm probably going to continue bugging you and your fellow journalists in the future. Probably won't matter but at least I'll feel better.

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