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Jo Ann Orange

I believe the heading should be "Dean Heller and Dawn Gibbons are liberals." They were the candidates mentioned in the ads. This must be a Sharron Angle-backed ad attacking her opponents in the primary. Not surprising! Hopefully they will all self distruct leaving the door wide open for Jill Derby!

Jon Ralston

Fixed. Thanks.

Independent Woman

It's pretty obvious that these are coming from one of Sharron Angle's Out Of State PACS since they didn't make a commercial with the fact that Sharron voted for the biggest spending increase in Nevada's history.

Hopefully Nevada voters will check to see where their Candidate's money is REALLY coming from. ttp://www.fec.gov

I wonder why they didn't bring up any of the things that Dean Heller did against some residents of Incline Village in reference to fines and what they could do with their own property?

I am sure that Jill Derby is hoping that these negative ads pay off in her favor.


Sharron Angle has no control over the adds that the Club for Growth puts forth. She has not voted for spending in the legislature and is considered Nevada's Most conservative voices on Taxes and Spending. Get the FACTS!


Sharron Angle did not post these ads. The Club for Growth did! And since when is the truth considered negative? Dawn and Dean are liberals! They are both pro-choice. They both sway with the wind. They both voted for taxes and spending. Dean is not a conservative and neither is Dawn. Sharron Angle is an honest person of integrity and a fighter for the people of the state of Nevada. Look at her record in the Assembly. Facts are Facts.

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