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Ahh, the disappointing air of inevitability.

Dina is compelled to make the crux of her letter a sound bite I am sure we will hear all the time for a while, "Six for '06."

Now we wait for the inevitable rejection from Gibbons and the subsequent negotiations, whittling down the debate schedule and weakening of the format.

Funny, I can never figure out why kids my age don't care about politics.


I followed titus during the primary, and for the first time in my life I will vote republican. Is there anything this woman won't say to get elected? Is there an end to the empty wit she uses to attack and degrade people, both her opponents and anyone who gets in her way? I'm tired of people like her. SHe is everything that is wrong with the democratic party.


There's always craig Bergland.

Fred Rabe

I also followed Titus during the primary and found her to be the most truthful person I've ever seen in politics. People like Gibbons and Gibson who are bought and paid for with big money deserve to be exposed for what they really are, business drones. If Whitepine thinks things will be better with Gibbons than Titus as Governor, no one can talk sense into that determination.

Titus doesn't debate issues, she debates by slinging mud. If it were only issues, i believe she would be destroyed because outside her catchy one liners, she has nothing. If you were to ask me she is clearly the weaker canidate especially if you compare their records.

Hart to Hart

I think in response to Mr. Blank that I shall quote Not Bob from a response in the gleaner website.

"He has no record to stand on -- 10 years in Congress and not a single legislative accomplishment, other than allowing mining corporations to put more mercury in our water -- and no plan for to address Nevada's problems.

I think first and foremost, the question to ask is why he wants to be Governor.

He's been an errand-boy for the hard-right, do-noting, corrupt Congress and now that the jig is up for Bush and Delay in DC, he's desparate to stay in power. So he's running back to Nevada as a "second choice," in a desparate attempt to preserve his chance to hold power so he can do nothing and serve himself, as he's done in Congress."


The same could be said of titus, but just for the left, and on a state level. The difference is that she is a nasty person who deserves every attack rogich will throw at her. Ralston will finally get the 3 ring circus he has wanted all along.

William D.  Tomany

It's time for a Female Governor of Nevada

Johnathan L. Abbinett

Debates serve a fundamental function in our democracy - and this current "hide and seek" game being played by the republicans is nothing short of "dereliction of duty"!

Then, if you can get one of them to show, like Porter, they don't even have the common courtesy to stay through the entire debate, and demonstrate a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the moderator and other participants and the audience!

Instead the republicans "Cut and Run" to avoid any opportunity for questions from the people publicly present - this is just blatantly rude and cowardly!

Come out of your holes and answer to the people you "chickens"! You're nothing short of "posing patriots" - especially "Gibbons The Gaffer!"

Fred Rabe

latest poll Wall St Journal, Titus 46.8, Gibbons 44.1. Looks like Titus is already connecting with smart voters. Go Dina!

David Curtis

Since he is a Green, voters didn't get to see the name Craig Bergland on their Democratic/Republican or Non Partisan primary ballots...
His name will be on the ballot in the General election.

Since he is a Green, he doesn't have the financial resources of the major party candidates.
The Green party refuses money from corporations. Call them stupid, I prefer to call them honest.

Since he is a Green, he isn't owned by corporate investors (I mean contributors).

Since he is a Green, one might be tempted to ignore him as a serious candidate. That is a mistake.

I agree, it is time Nevada had a female candidate.
Feminism is one of the ten key values the Green Party promotes.

I think Titus or Bergland would serve Nevada well.

Gibbons? Who knows? He can afford to go to the debates and chooses not to. What is he afraid of? The people?

The choice comes down to this:
Titus is taking BIG money from Republicans. Bergland is planning to spend less than $20,000 on his entire campaign.

So as a working person which candidate would you trust?

I like Dina Titus. I'm voting for Craig Bergland.

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