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The day before I heard she phoned and threatened a congressional staffer that they were going to be fired and removed from there position in the Dem. Party because they were at the Gibson Campaign Headquarters. Titus unite us?


the link to the wav file is not working.


Wow, that sure is a threatening tone Dina is using. Surely it must be a mistake. Not.


I think the issue is less that the woman use to be student and more that she is being paid by another campaign and shouldn't be working in another office.

So I guess you are only allowed to volunteer on one campaign at a time. If Titus wins I am going to help the green party guy.

Is this her Howard Dean moment?


UpNorth-If you want to be a real blogger better subscribe to Ralston flashes so you get your facts straight. He said:
RalstonFlash---Fitting end to nasty Democratic primary for governor

How does Dina Titus react on Election Eve when she finds out one of her students, a volunteer for lieutenant governor candidate Bob Unger, is helping Jim Gibson get out the vote? She leaves her a fairly astounding, vaguely threatening phone message.

By the way, Unger told the poor kid she can help anyone she wants to help.
(It feels kinda wierd to post Ralston on Ralston. ewhahhaw, its a dirty feeling)

Wow... Dina is really supportive of women. I am so embarrassed for her.

I can not believe that someone this vindictive has the chance to be our govenor. You titus supporters must be proud.

"I think the issue is less that the woman use to be student and more that she is being paid by another campaign and shouldn't be working in another office." - UpNorth

You have to be kidding me! The issue here is the State Senate Minority Leader berating and threatening one of her 21-year-old students. We should be trying to unite this party and we should certainly be encouraging any young person getting involved in the political process. This woman has every right to help whomever she wants on her own time.

Dina Titus should issue a formal apology. Anyone condoning the harrassment of this young woman is a blind sheep with no moral standards.


"Dina Titus should issue a formal apology. Anyone condoning the harrassment of this young woman is a blind sheep with no moral standards."

Amen to that. I voted for Dina during early voting and if I could I would reach back in time and take my vote back. I am sick to my stomach.


Man, I'm glad I dropped that class!


I never liked her in her ads, and this gives me one more reason to vote for Jim Gibson.

A Dems Insider

This is Dina being Dina. She's done this sort of thing before to her students.

A year and a half ago some Young Dems went up to Carson City to see the Legislature in session. They hosted a lunch. Apparently Dina's staff forgot to tell her and she heard that (then candidate) Richard Perkins had attended.

She tore into the President of the Young Democrats because of the perceived slight. Lucky for Dina it wasn't recorded that time.

Amy Susil

Sounds like Chuck Muth who apparently doesn't believe women should hold office either.


You're being tiresome.

Hart to Hart

Dina is a good professor. Good not great. And I'm sorry that you dropped her class, especially if it was her campaign and elections. I took it in Fall 04... met Jon Porter, Tom Gallagher, I think Guinn, and the first time I met Jon (Ralston). She may not be likeable, but she has the connections so you can see politics from not only a legisaltors view but from others as well.

And I have to agree with a dems insider totally. Its Dina being Dina.

Dick Morris, or not

The winners are forgiven, and the losers are forgotten.

Forgetting bitter Dina Titus will be easy after she loses in November.

Dick Morris, or not

The winners are forgiven, and the losers are forgotten.

Forgetting bitter Dina Titus will be easy after she loses in November.


Nobody has a problem when someone like our powerful Senator Reid makes a phone call to express his dissappointment with someone.

It makes me sick to see that Dina is being painted as "ustable" and "emotional." If Dina were a man, no one would care about this, and it would be looked at like business as usual.

The only thing that the student, the silly little girl did in handing the tape to Ralston, was to give the Gibbons campaign ammunition against our Democratic candidate. I hope she is satisfied with herself -- she might as well go to work for Gibbons now since she clearly lacks good judgment.


Wow, not only do you defend Dina's attack of this woman, you take a few jabs your self.
Even if you're right. even if a male politician wouldn't be chastised for leaving a vindictive voicemail. said voicemail is in no way justified. Rather than dismiss Dina's action based on a real or perceived gender bias, why don't you work to correct the bias from the other direction. Next time a male politician does something similar, chastise him as we have chastised Dina.

Using a bias as an excuse only furthers the bias.


Dick Morris or not, I'll say not! What a dumb thing to say. The girl should have the opportunity to support whom ever she wishes.

This tape is scary coming from a Teacher to a Student regardless of sex or circumstance. Anyone Man or Women is not suitable for public office if they threaten a student.

Johnathan L. Abbinett

Some are trying to turn this issue into a "moutain out of a mole hill". It's really all about a young person coming of age and developing their character - and the character traights, like LOYALTY that are so important - and CHARACTER DOES COUNT for something!

I know both parties. The young person involved is really a good person and has done a good job in youth politics, as a volunteer, and as a junior staffer - but made a terribly naive, and grosly egrigous mistake!

Dina is NOT a 'nut' or some sort of bad tempered, unstabe, insane, 'crazy lady' - she's a consumate professional and a polished politician - and a damn good educator!

Though she's very busy in her race, Dina is the ONLY real educator running - and she took the time, and risk, to teach an important life lesson to one of her former students - that is what real leaders and compassionate people do!

These demogogues that are trying to 'damn' Dina - need to "Get Real" as Dr. Phil says. Dina has been around a long time and has done a great deal for all of Nevada - for a long, long time! Dina has 'rock solid' character, 'thick skin' and a warm heart. But, she knows what to do if someone crossed the line of integrity.

I've seen Dina go into "Momma Bear" mode a couple of times - and I liked the way she handled the situation quickly, decisively and with a proportionate response! You know all the character traights we are NOT seeing out of the Bush administration and guys like "Gibbons The Gaffer"?

I've listened to the tape several times - clearly, it was just an adult chastizing a younger person for making a bad decision - there is no 'threat' what-so-ever involved!

Eventually, we all find ourselves "in-between and betwixt" two aspiring candidates - as was the case this cycle with Dina and Jim, and Myrna and Chris.

Such was my case, as a state caucus chair, I had to make it very clear that "the vets should support whoever they wished - and, after the primary, we would be 'party faithful' and support the winners!"

Both Dina and Jim's campaigns had full access to the same vet lists and every equal opportunity to recruit vet volunteers.

True, privately and personally, I supported Dina - and I was upfront about that - but, I made sure there was no 'covert' action on my part, or, the part of vets!

One candidate won - and the other lost - as is always the case. Now is the time to UNITE!

The Gibson Team "fought the good fight" and should be celebrated for their part in putting on a spirited primary - now, it's time to sort the dedicated democrats from the 'sore losers', and yes, those suspect D.I.N.O.'s (Democrats In Name Only) - and move on!

Yes, people will be paying attention to who show's up, and, yes, they will be making lists and checking them twice! That's what Field Organizers and Volunteeer Leaders DO!

If some of the Gibson volunteers and staff just can not bring themselves to work for Dina - that's fine! "Team Titus" is still growing, and the most dynamic train on the tracks (and the envy of every other political candidate running).

That's what happens when you have a dynamo like Dina leading the way with the foresight to recruit 90% of the activists - and start building a base over a year in advance!

Gibson's volunteers will find they are welcome anywhere - and Jack Carter, Tessa Hafen, Jill Derby and Shelley Berkley (as well as lots of "down ticket" candidates) need volunteers!

So, let's stop licking wounds, and blowing minor incidents out of proportion! It's time to "get back in the fight" and "continue to march" and "fight "the good fight" until November 7th!

What's happening in Nevada, and America this mid-term election season, is bigger than any one volunteer, staffer, or candidate - our future is at stake!

Look at your calendars, pull out your checkbooks, make a committment to do your civic duty (and there's a lot more to that than just regisitering and voting) and let's re-group, re-form, re-supply, re-arm and UNITE!

While we live in the absolutely greatest American city, and enjoy our life-styles and freedom - we have troops, sadly and unnecessarily in harms way in an "Unjust War", troops, also, trying to fight and win a "Just War", globally on terror - and people suffering unnecessarily and dying prematurely!

Our schools are a shamble nation-wide, our seniors are struggling, we've been driven into the deepest debt in American history and our children and grand-children's future is at stake!

Damn, how bad do things have to get - before we stop the denial - and start doing our duty as citizens?

Let's ALL OF US "Get Real" - UNITE!

Amy Susil

More people don't run for office for the same reason voter turnout is low. Negativity breeds and draws negative people. Who wants to run for office -- even if they have the greatest ideas, when they will be met with negative campaigning -- attacks on their personal life, their families, etc (i.e. Chuck Muth). Believe it or not, there are people who think low voter turnout is a good thing.

When it was stated that low voter turnout was due to the fact that voters were tired of negative campaiging and that positive and educational campaigns on the issues would increase voter turnout -- Chuck Muth responded on his website:

"Why is it considered a “good” thing to have more ill-informed ignorant voters going to the polls? Better for the idiots to stay home. Otherwise you end up with situations like the idiots who elected “Bob Beers” in a Clark County Assembly race thinking it was the same Bob Beers who was running for governor."
Comment by Chuck @ August 27, 2006, 1:28 pm

It is evident that Chuck Muth is an elitist with no trust in the voters. This so-called political consultant evidently doesn't think too highly of the people of Nevada. He doesn't want good voter turnout and he runs campaigns. Go figure -- what kind of candidates does he want out there?

Dale Burden

I really do not see what the big deal is. The only threat she made was that she was going to talk to the girls boss about her working for him and volunteering for another team. Honestly if anything it sounds like the girl was playing both sides of the fence and got caught. Dina was not really rude or insulting or anything other then letting her know that she knew what she was doing and was going to make sure the people that needed to know knew. She could have not said anything and submarined her.

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