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It would have been nice if you'd given a bit more context; I downloaded this thinking it was refering to John_DeStefano, who's running for gov. of CT. (As I discussed on my main site, he's linked to a group that's collaborating with the Mexican_government.)

Anyway, I'm not familiar with Marshall or the scholarship, but are there only a limited number of such scholarships? And, does Marshall want to open competition for those scholarships to foreign citizens who are here illegally?

Does Marshall realize that because of (presumed) policies that some U.S. citizens won't get scholarships? Does she realize that means that she wants to take scholarships away from U.S. citizens and give them to citizens of foreign countries who are here illegally?

What would Marshall say to a U.S. citizen - someone she supposedly would represent - who can't go to college because Marshall's policies took their education away?

Is Marshall confused over which country she wants to represent?


Does DeStefano know that Krolicki has proposed that the administration of the scholarship leave the treasuer's office and be administered by the Nevada System of Higher Education in 2007?

See Bill Draft Request 34-494 of the 2007 Legislative Session.

BTW, there are unlimited scholarships to qualified kids. The leadership of the State has decided, and reduced to black letter law, that leagal citizenship is not an issue. As treasurer Marshall has to obey the law and not discriminate.

NoMoreBlather: you monkier could not be further from the truth about you! The link is to Mark DeStefano not John deStefano...my, my, my you try to mislead people.

Is DeStefano saying in this ad that he would disobey the law? He has a long history of not following the law, I quess Nevadan's shouldn't expect him to change his character now.


NoMoreBlather: First, VEGAS Pundit is a blog focussing on politics in LAS VEGAS and NEVADA, (within which LAS VEGAS lies). Maybe I'm in the minority, but when I download an item from this site, my expectations are not shattered when the story is about a candidate for a Nevada constitutional office, rather than a candidate for the office of Connecticut Governor.

Second, I can't understand why you are attacking candidate Kate Marshall - or commenting on this story at all - when you obviously know nothing about the race and the two candidates?

Again, this is for the office of State Treasurer, an arguably important Nevada Constitutional office. Kate Marshall is a solid candidate with a good professional background as a lawyer in state and federal government. She is an infinitely better candidate for office than DeStefano, who would easily qualify as one of those "spooky" candidates, to paraphrase Erin Neff, that I "wouldn't invite into my house" let alone vote for.

All of the following is on the record: Mark DeStefano has declared bankruptcy, previously ran for office and was thrown off the ballot because he was found to have lied about his residence and did not live in the district within which he was running, has admitted to having psychotic episodes, and has harmed investors through questionable penny stock deals. It is believed by people who know him that, should DeStefano be elected, he is fully capable of doing enormous damage to the Nevada treasury over the next four years through incompetence or even fraud.

Run away from this guy as fast as you can.

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